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Chindonan Dive Resort

Accommodation at Chindonan Dive Resort

Hillside Accommodation

Placed on the hillside of Chindonan Island, tucked into nature itself, with birds singing in the morning and terraces with some of the best views of Coron Bay - accommodation at Chindonan Dive Resort is a true definition of a great relaxed and modern way of living among nature.
Dive Center of Chindonan Dive Resort

In-House Dive Center

Our dive center is a very big part of the experience here at Chindonan Dive Resort. Equipped with equipment for both divers and snorkelers, and with a professional and service-minded staff, this is a great base from where to give yourself a treat underwater whether your an advanced or a beginner in exploring the underwater world.
Relax at Chindonan Dive Resort

Unique Relaxation

Part of the experience and the reason of being away from "everything" is to unplug and detox from our everyday life in big cities with a stressful environments. Coming out here is all about relaxing among nature, friendly staff & management and get an experience rarely seen anywhere else. Relax, experience and have a good time.

Best Location For Underwater Activity


Historical Wreck Diving

In 1944, 24 of September, The Americans took out a Japanese fleet of 12 Ships in and around Coron Bay. This historical event have created a heaven for wreck diving in Coron Bay. 8 Japanese Shipwrecks are located within 10-30min. from Chindonan Dive Resort, which means convenience for divers looking for diving these beautiful wrecks. Maximum depths of 42m. up to 0m. and lengths from 35 to 165meter long makes diving these wrecks durable for all divers, and we have a specialised Dive Team for this sort of diving. We've made diving in Coron Bay easy for you, and you save money. See Our Dive Packages

Dive Certifications

Taking a dive course here is a unique experience. Are you a beginner - 10 meters off shore it all begins. Are you dreaming of more exciting experiences within the diving world - come and get certified as a Wreck Diver and experience world class wreck diving minutes from Chindonan Dive Resort. Here, we are staying on top by providing professional training necessary for diving in Coron Bay and at the same time combining your dive experience with a relaxed getaway. Our Dive-Course Packages is made ideally for people who wanna have The Dive-Experience in Coron Bay. See Our Dive Certification Packages

Wonderful Reefs

Chindonan is a great base from where to explore reefs - both for divers and snorkelers. Go out with our dive team, or go on your own reef exploration trip in one of our kayaks, and find your own unique spots around Chindonan Island. Chindonan Island is 13.4km all around and have both small local bay's and reefs stretching for hundreds of meters. Turtles, stingrays and vast colorful life is to be found. Taking a trip to other islands, or small wrecks covered in corals is highly recommended as reefs and surroundings changes from island to island.

Natural Paradise


Wildlife at Chindonan

Singing and colorful birds is frolic around cottages - especially parrots. Along Chindonan Shoreline you can carefully watch kingfishers diving into the sea, trying to catch small fish and while resting these colorful birds brings the tropical feeling even further with beautiful singing in the bay of Chindonan Dive Resort. Many types of lizards, butterflies and much more are present here to be found for the patient and outreaching wildlife enthusiast.

Pure Water at Chindonan

Having the option of drinking the water from a tap in Asia is scarce, but here ALL taps, including showers, are filled with pure drinkable water from our own Mountain Spring. Tested and approved, and with it's own natural pressure into all taps - no pumps is needed - this sight is rarely seen, so a 20 min. walk could be worth it to see our spring. Here at Chindonan bottled drinking water is rarely seen - you would have to bring your own.

Settings of Chindonan

Chindonan Island is located 45min. from Coron Town, on a secluded island paradise surrounded by turquoise sea and tropical forrest. Coron Bay and it's stunning views is making ground for all settings here at Chindonan. A Seaside Restaurant & 2 Seaside Bar's stretching 50 meters out into waters of Coron Bay - Accommodation securing stunning views of The Bay from Chindonan Hillside, and lounges that complete the experience of having waves running to shore with colorful sea and mountain views.