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6 Beautiful Reefs and a Thermocline Lake


1. Beautiful House Reef with Seahorses

It is known to be a favorite place for snorkelers during daytime and a must for night dives, it offers a great visual treat. This place is known to have hidden gems during night dives. Life you never see at daytime, comes to life at night, Mimic Cuttlefish, Octopus, Seahorses, Shaded Batfish, Hermits and Camouflage Craps. What makes this even more attractive is Bioluminescence in high amounts when turning off your flashlight at your night dive.

This reef is both great for night divers, and snorkelers.

Depth: 2 - 15 meters
Seahorse at Chindonan Dive Resort
Crocodile-fish | Chindonan Dive Resort

2. Guaming Reef

This colorful reef has brilliant and bright colors like red, purple, yellow and pink which stands out in the blue backdrop. This rich reef has a large variety of corals and hundreds types of fish. This place has countless colorful parrotfish and the transparent water makes it a wholesome view. It also has Stingrays, Turtles and sometimes steams of tuna fish which lets you observe nature at its best.

This reef is both great for divers, and snorkelers.

Depth: 2 - 20 meters

3. Dynamite Reef

The reef is made up of a primary wall of coral that descends to a depth of 20meters. The beautiful coral creates colorful garden-like formations containing many varieties of fish.  There are numerous nudibranchs to be seen here – some of them unique to this area around Chindonan. Sting rays, lobsters and turtles is known to this reef.

This reef is both great for divers, and snorkelers.

Depth: 1 - 18 meters 
Dynamite Reef |Chindonan Dive Resort
Colorful soft coral |Chindonan Dive Resort

4. Bugur Reef

This dive is a vertical drop of 2m to 25m with an incredible quantity of soft and hard coral, with a great variety of colours. Marine life here ranges from Groupers, Jacks, Parrot Fishes, Stingrays, Angel Fishes, and Butterfly Fishes.

This reef has small groups of squids along it's walls, and is great for a dive in between The Wrecks.

This reef is both great for divers, and snorkelers.

Depth: 2 - 25 meters

5. Lusong Coral Garden

Lusong Reef is known to be a home for vast corals, gorgonian fans, plenty of fish and great aquatic wilderness. Diving into Lusong Reef, will reveal for of you a small world of, Nudibranchs, Turtles, Sting Rays, Cuttlefish and tiny Shrimps. This wonderful reef is an absolute must for all enthusiasts, who comes to Chindonan.

This reef is both great for divers, and snorkelers.

Depth: 2 - 18 meters
Reef at Lusong Reef | Chindonan Dive Resort
Stingray in sand | Chindonan Dive Resort

6. Calumbuyan Reef

This place is one of the most popular around Chindonan due to current dragging you a mile from shore, where our boats are ready to pick you up. This exciting dive location has various colors which past by you without using any movement. This place is bound to take your breath away with its magnificent colors and has a vast variety of exotic marine life.

This reef is both great for divers, and snorkelers.

Depth: 2 - 20 meters

7. Barracuda Lake

After a short climb over lime-stones, you reach this beautiful lake with pure nature surrounded spot. The dive itself is like a wired space-flight on a foreign planet. Three different thermo-clines with temperature between 30°-37°. The bottom-constitution is jelly like; you can put your whole arm inside or even your head. The trip brings you along unusual looking rock-formations, steep walls and mysterious caves in a breathtaking atmosphere. The most recommended part to cruise is in around 13m-15m where the “cold” freshwater-layer (30°) meets the hot saltwater (37°); here you can choose your most favorite one and change whenever you like, or you swim with your head in the cold and your body in the hot water. You can see an exact line between these two thermo-clines.

Great for divers.

Max. depht: 25 meters
Barracuda Lake | Chindonan Dive Resort